Fantastica is the new home for quality Australian speculative fiction.  

While our primary focus is science fiction (and subgenres), we consider fantasy, horror and other spec fic genres if the story breaks the mould. We want mature spec fic that challenges preconceptions, both conceptually and stylistically.

Ideally, works should be 80,000 words or more in length for adult works, but can be slightly shorter for young adult.

Please provide a short synopsis in the following fields and attach the first three chapters (or 50 pages if you don't have chapters).

We do not guarantee we will respond to every submission. 
Please send the first three chapters of your work, a one-page synopsis and a one-page cover letter introducing yourself. 

Before submitting we recommend you familiarise yourself with our list to get a sense of the kind of books we publish. 

We endeavour to respond in five weeks from the date of receipt. 

Epistles at Dawn is a collection of poet pen-pals, pairing up poets to write each other poem-letters: a kind of lyric correspondence, transplanted to a time and place where letter-writing just ain’t what it used to be.

Let us know if there's a poet somewhere in this wide, wide land who'd you like to correspond with, or send us a letter-poem without an addressee, and we'll hook you up with someone special.