Fantastica is the new home for quality Australian speculative fiction.  

While our primary focus is science fiction (and subgenres), we consider fantasy, horror and other spec fic genres if the story breaks the mould. We want mature spec fic that challenges preconceptions, both conceptually and stylistically.

Ideally, works should be 80,000 words or more in length for adult works, but can be slightly shorter for young adult.

Please provide a short synopsis in the following fields and attach the first three chapters (or 50 pages if you don't have chapters).

We do not guarantee we will respond to every submission. 
Please send the first three chapters of your work, a one-page synopsis and a one-page cover letter introducing yourself. 

Before submitting we recommend you familiarise yourself with our list to get a sense of the kind of books we publish. 

We endeavour to respond in five weeks from the date of receipt. 

Fantastica invites Australian and New Zealand writers to submit science fiction manuscripts for consideration. 

What are we after

  1. Science fiction, not fantasy. Anything high-tech, low-tech or even a no-tech post-apoc setting. Stories set on a generation ship, on a futuristic terra firma or on a planet a million light years away.
  2. Manuscripts of 30,000 words or more.
  3. Works that start with a bang, blow our minds and subvert our expectations.

What’s the prize? 

$2000 + print and digital publication through Fantastica. 

Winners will have their manuscript carefully shepherded to publication by an editor and the Fantastica team. The winning novel will be professionally designed with our usual flair and unleashed in digital and printed form in bookshops, on our website and ebook retailers.

The publishing contract offered to the winners is based on the standard Brio Books Publishing contract and includes a generous 25% royalty on print sales and 50% on ebook sales. (The Australian publishing industry standard is 10% royalty on print and 25% on ebook sales.) Please note, the prize money is not an advance against royalties, royalty income is generated from the first sale.

The Timeline

Submissions open: June 2018

Submissions close: February 2019

Shortlist Announcement: April 2019

Winner Announcement: May-Dec 2019

Book Release Date: March 2020

For further information, please contact

Brio Books